Dennis Wallace

Web Architect, Photoshop Guru, and Workflow Wizard

Photography & Retouching

Redefining the possible

I can performing color-sensitive corrections, preserve the best possible quality while performing significant color shifts, and deliver realistic alterations of existing imagery.

Working in the catalog industry, I developed a keen eye for making the image match the product, while maintaining the overall composition, styling, and feel of the original photograph.


I can easily perform even the toughest retouching and alteration tasks. Whether the client needs to correct issues with the original photography, or to extend the image for a particular use case, everything is accomplished with an eye for realism and integrity.

Web Design and Coding

Full-service web work - with a smile!

Armed with a few key colors, some supplied photography, and a dream, I provide clean designs that exceed every clients expectation. Each site is customized to meet the feel and focus of the organization, and brought to life using industry-standard content management tools.


When a client has already settled on a rough design provided by an outside talent that doesn't do web work, I provide a quick and robust answer to making the site perform. In addition to adapting designs to meet the features of the site, I provide a solid touchstone to keep their web project on track.


When a site requires both design fixes and custom coding to make everything into a reality, I do not shy away from creating a custom solution keeping in mind all aspects of the clients desires.

Workflow Analysis

Streamlining and Process Automation

In any organization, there are a lot of moving parts that need to mesh seamlessly together to get the job done on time and on budget. Workflows and processes that are inefficient are a drag on the organization's ability to respond to change, as well as decreases employee wellness.

By taking the time to understand the flow of work, information, and communication points, I can help streamline any process and make everyone's day go faster.

Sometimes it only takes a small change to make a huge difference. Other times it may require a large effort to get a process improvement over the finish line. In every case, my unique experience provides you with the best advice and expertise to make your problems a thing of the past.

Leveraging industry-standard tools and processes, with a keen eye to those differences that make each organization unique, I craft best-in-class solutions to meet your goals.

Contact Info

Send email to [email protected] to find out how I can help you and your business. I look forward to discussing your needs!